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What is Spotaboo

A short introduction to Spotaboo

What is Spotaboo Building a consensus engine

Spotaboo is a plan to build the world's largest consensus engine

Everybody has an opinion, don't you think? in a small group opinions might be similar, in a larger group, slightly different, in a globally massive group, probably right.

The mission of Spotaboo.

Imagine being able to ask every person on the planet, in a way that made sense to them, their opinion with only agreement or disagreement as an option.

Wouldn't that be amazing. To actually know the truth of what people think and not what the media, leaders or intelligentsia would have you believe.

Spotaboo - Opinion matters

Maybe the things you are being told to think is what everybody else thinks, if it could be proved to you maybe you would be more inclined to accept it.

But if it was contrary to what the majority think, and contrary to what you think also, you could accept that also.

Safe to vote

Every response anonymous, with no come back, no way for anybody to point a finger at anyone for their honest opinion.

We think there might be a lot of people scared to have honest opinions abound but we think they are wrong. What's your opinion.

Ad-Hoc Referendums on anything and everything

A lot of people don't like referendums. Why? Do you?

There is a lot of truth to be found in ones gut. Before the rise of intellectualism humanity, over a period of 2 million years, had benefitted very well from instinct.

Arguments against referendums typically involve lots of long words but ultimately boil down to 'the plebs' (that's anybody that does not agree with the anti-referendums point of view) are too stupid to understand the real issue and only vote on simple yes/no answers when there is always so much more to it then that.

Spotaboo is the antithesis of that opinion. Spotaboo is built on the notion that everything is binary when reduced to it's purest form. Therefore, referendums are not and can never be inherently bad. They are not, after all, a truth of the universe like gravity, the speed of light, Earth being round. If the people against them think questions questions posed by referendums are always too complicated then maybe they don't really understand the subject as well as they think they could.

How much quicker humanity might reach consensus on important issues affecting us all; climate change, poverty, food shortages, land use, space, exploration, the list goes on if we could just start getting truthful answers from everybody.

Not just global political issues

Imagine being an auto-manufacturer and being able to ask self described petrol heads whether or not you should do a 6 speed transmission version of your top selling model. With enough of a majority in both numbers and votes giving a consensus of opinion you might decide another option instead.

Let's just get to the truth of what moves us all and what we all care about rather than be told what should move us and what we should care about by the loudest among us.

Spotaboo is a dream, an ideal, some might say a folly but it is real, it is building, more and more answers are being given everyday and it looks likely to continue on this trajectory.

So, if you are interested in seeking the truth and look forward to a day when it can be easily found, do your bit. Register at Spotaboo, vote on something, maybe ask your own question, spread the word and we will all be one step closer.

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