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What is

A short introduction to BAN.GL

What is On wrist information is silicon bracelet designed to be worn on the wrist. is contactless, waterproof, dustproof and virtually indestructible during normal use and it does not need re-charging, batteries or plugging in - ever.

Great for parents to put on the wrists of toddlers.

Great for runners out training late at night.

Great for operatives who need identification about their person.

Great for travellers to carry electronic scans of important documents with them at all times.

Great for anybody who ever needs some important information close at hand that is no burden to carry.

It’s a silicone bracelet with some clever internal bits and pieces and a unique ID. You can store information on it and that information can be read when needed.

Yourself or others can scan or Tap the to reveal the information.

You can use it to store emergency contact information which could be useful for a toddler or an elderly relative.

You could use it to store all of your online info such as twitter account, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn etc

Or maybe you are a creative type in which case you might use your to store links to exclusive downloads such as your latest tracks or videos etc.

If you are raising money for charity you could put your JustGiving or Virgin Money donation page on your People can just tap or scan you at the point that they commit to sponsor you

Or maybe you’re a romantic. Buy a, put your sweet nothings on it and send it to the object of your desires.

Or maybe, or maybe, or maybe the list just goes on forever.

There are literally thousands of way you can put the to good use.

Do you value a personal service?

We are a U.K. based company with passion, integrity and expertise.