Next Generation Digital Sign-in

Why sign-in when you can scan-in?

VisitorPoint is a visitor management system designed to take digital sign-ins to the next level.

It’s easier, faster and way more sophisticated than manual sign-in. Plus, unlike paper visitor books, it’s GDPR compliant.

VisitorPoint is a next generation digital sign-in system, packed with bespoke features that your visitors will truly appreciate.

Secure. Private. Personal.

Your visitor arrives. A simple tap-and-scan of their smartphone and they’ve signed in and registered

They are now making their way to see you using the directions that came up on their screen. Even better, you’ve just been alerted that they’re on their way.

It’s the ultimate secure and private way to personalise the whole visitor arrival experience.

  • GDPR compliant digital sign-in system for the ultimate in visitor data privacy

  • Visitors sign-in and register quickly and easily using their own smartphones

  • Personalise with a variety of useful info like directions, safety rules & more

  • Fully customisable - we’ll make it uniquely YOURS for a fully tailored experience

  • Ideal for times when reception is unmanned or busy

A fully tailored digital sign-in system signs your visitors in with a tap-and-scan

Useful information about the meeting sent direct to the visitor’s phone

Host alerted that their visitor has arrived

Give your guests the VIP treatment.

Ready to make the switch to digital sign-in and the ultimate visitor experience? Ask maxxpal about VisitorPoint.

VisitorPoint is a feature of the maxxpal X Cloud Platform, a sophisticated set of business tools designed to transform productivity, service, sales, profitability and business growth.

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