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A core feature of The X Cloud Platform is that feedback from events is delivered to you in real-time.

Realtime On a need to know basis.

Subscribe to any event and get instant notification when that event occurs.

If time is money, then surely real-time is real-money.  It is no secret that in business time is often of the essence.  Being alerted to a change in state of a business process, procedure, protocol, or even person is one of our clients most valued features of The X Cloud Platform. In fact, a lot of our clients have stated they could not do business anymore without it. It literally gives them the edge over their competitors.

Real-time notifications are baked into The X Cloud Platform at every level and within every function.  Whether you need to be immediately notified when a visitor you are waiting on arrives in reception or alerted to the result of a snagging inspection, when an employee completes an assessment or a task you created changes. The constantly running real-time system within The X Cloud Platform will notify any and interested subscribers to any monitored event.

It takes less than 5 minutes to show you.

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The maxxpal X Cloud Platform is readily accessible and customisable for businesses of ALL sizes. To learn more about how it could transform the way YOUR organisation operates, talk to us today

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