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The X Cloud Platform pricing information sheet

Pricing Options Value at any cost.

From as low as £1.64 per person per day with a 34% discount off the regular monthly cost when you commit to a longer term.

Choose Pay-as-you-Go or Annual up front with discounts and for a limited time only get all setup fees waived if you sign up in 2021.

Software escrow not included but can be arranged on demand according to your requirements.

We used to license each feature of The X Cloud Platform separately but it just gets so complicated. Now every subscriber gets unlimited everything.

That's as many clients, locations, inspections, tasks, projects, resources and everything else you need to make your business run smoother with less waste and more efficiency.

Commitment Payment Terms Per Person per Month Discount Per Person per Day
Monthly Monthly in advance £76 0% £2.50
12 Months Monthly in advance £64 16% £2.10
12 Months Annually in advance £60 21% £1.97
24 Months Biennially in advance £56 26% £1.84*
36 Months Triennially in advance £50 34% £1.64

* This is our recommended option that allows a moderate level of commitment with a generous discount in return.

Customisation Services

The X in X Cloud Platform represents the unknown. That's the secret sauce of your requirements. We can customise The X Cloud Platform anyway you desire and our charges are as straightforward as our subscription plans.

There are three ways to get the platform customised for an exact fit.

Zero Cost to You

If you require a customisation that we think would benefit all our users and you do not care about the feature being fed back in to the general feature set then this is the best option. There are time factors to consider when you go for this option but if you are not in a hurry then this might work for you. After all you get custom software development for nothing.

Partially Subsidised

This is when the change you require we do not think is of much value to our other users but you do not want exclusive rights over the feature and do not care if we add the change back in to the product or not.

This is our most popular option and most of our clients go for this.

This option is billed at £650 per day plus VAT

When you do not want to share

With this option you get a copy of the code, you get exclusive rights to that feature and we won't add your idea in to the general codebase. However, you need to realise that if some other client asked for something similar or even the same and they did not care about if we used it or not we reserve the right to do so. We would however notify you of such an outcome and it has not happened yet.

Typically you might use this for customisation work that exactly marries a part of The X Cloud Platform to one of your internal legacy systems and has an urgent time constraint. The likelyhood of another company, in your industry, having the exact same requirement is slim.

This option is billed at £950 per day plus VAT.

All Plans Include:

No hidden extras // Virtually No Limits (Fair use policy applies) // Upfront transparent pricing // Dedicated Account Manager // 24x7 Support // Onboarding Assistance // Data Migration Assistance // Optional Software Escrow

The maxxpal X Cloud Platform is readily accessible and customisable for businesses of ALL sizes. To learn more about how it could transform the way YOUR organisation operates, talk to us today

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