People Pinpointing Made Easy

Here, or there? Keeping track of staff movements just got easier.

LocationPoint is an incredibly useful tracking tool that allows you to pinpoint the location of anyone you’re responsible for

Perfect for contract businesses that need to prove operatives were on site at agreed times, and ideal for employers of lone workers, LocationPoint uses contactless technology to log staff movements with a tap-and-scan of a smartphone at dedicated check-in points anywhere in a building.

For safety & security. For knowledge. And for money-saving efficiency.

Knowing the precise location of field operatives at any given time means you can allocate new jobs to the nearest team member. It’s a proven time and money-saving feature of LocationPoint.

And where the safety of your lone or vulnerable workers is concerned, LocationPoint really does prove an invaluable tool.

  • Staff check-in at dedicated points with a scan of their phone

  • Real time notifications show movements of all personnel

  • Streamlines management efficiency of field based operatives

  • Ensure lone or vulnerable workers are where they should be

  • Fully customisable – let us make it work for YOUR business

Set-up dedicated check-in points at any location

Personnel check in or out with a quick tap-and-scan

Track your team with real time notifications direct to any device

People pinpointing brought to you by LocationPoint.

Do you have a need to track personnel either out in the field or on your premises? Ask maxxpal about LocationPoint.

LocationPoint is a feature of the maxxpal X Cloud Platform, a sophisticated set of business tools designed to transform productivity, service, sales, profitability and business growth.

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