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User Auditing

A short introduction to the User Auditing features of The X Cloud Platform

User Auditing Who read what when.

Digital fingerprints recorded on every document.

It is often the case that processes, protocols and procedures need to be read and acknowledged by everyone in the team but without The X Cloud Platform that can be difficult to achieve.

Relying just on email notification of a changed or updated document and hoping everybody sees the new version is prone to failure.

With The X Cloud Platform there is a better way.

When you update, upload or publish a new ISO compliant document you can 'Alert' the entire team via The X Cloud Platform Extranet. You can then, as the publisher of the alert see not only who has seen the alert and the date and time they saw it but also if they have actually read and acknowledged the alert.

Furthermore, once a user accesses a document you can see who they were and when they opened the document.

This two pronged approach to user auditing within the context of process management makes it very easy to manage your corporate library and disseminate information enterprise wide.

Best of all you do not have to do anything to enable this feature. It works out the box and provides an instant and automatic record of how your information is being used within your business.

It takes less than 5 minutes to show you.

Want to know more? Tap or click on the following short presentation demonstrating these features within The X Cloud Platform.

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