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Site Inspections

A short introduction to the Site Inspection features of The X Cloud Platform

Site InspectionsMeeting client requirements.

Site, facility, location, item; Whatever the KPI, do it in real-time.

Utilising our innovative contactless technology within The X Cloud Platform you have a touch-free way to inspect any location.

A simple, durable, contactless chip, designed to work exclusively with The X Cloud Platform. Requiring no power, is almost invisible and can be scanned through wood.

Costing only pennies per chip The X Cloud Platform contactless inspection gives you an affordable and touch-free way to prove the work you do.

Simple to create. Simple to update. Simple to use.

The instructions embedded on the X Cloud contactless chip can be updated any and as many times as you need. The chips do not require any power and are about 1/4 the size of a UK stamp at about the same thickness.

They are discreet and can be hidden for plain sight with the whereabouts known only to trained personnel.

The chips can be read by any smartphone and secured to any individual or group.

The information contained within the chip can be presented to the reader in their own language without any interaction from them.

The Perfect solution whenever you need location based inspections.

For contract cleaning: Setup different cleaning protocols for different locations within a facility to allow any operative to simply tap for instructions.

Provide the instructions for the task at hand in the language most familiar to the operative.

Instantly track when the operate begins the tasks and finishes the tasks at a location.

Provide instant reporting to your end client via the included 'Client Portal'. Branded in your own logo and company colours, impress your client with this self-service feature automatically customised for them.

Read our case studies of CLD Services Ltd and PSS (UK) Ltd, two of our contract cleaning clients to understand how both firms have benefitted from the contactless inspection features of The X Cloud Platform.

For construction firms: Embed X Cloud contactless chips in to the fabric of a construction or just have them in areas ready for snagging.

Make it simple for your client to use their own smartphone to answer questions relevant to the location providing electronic records.

Trigger the capture of imagery, sound and or video relevant to that location and the inspection at hand.

For installers: Place discreet X Cloud Platform contactless chips under flooring, behind wall boards, above suspended ceilings, any place relevant to the installation.

Your own staff can use scan the chips to get pertinent location relevant instructions.

Your clients can scan the chips for COSSH or O&M documentation relevant to the installation or even to re-order supplies such as the exact carpet tile installed at that location.

It takes less than 5 minutes to show you.

Want to know more? Tap or click on the following short presentation demonstrating these features within The X Cloud Platform.

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