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Sales Team Motivation

A short introduction to the Realtime Win Tracking features of The X Cloud Platform

Sales Motivation Empower and encourage.

A variety of fun mechanisms to reward high performers.

Keeping a sales team motivated is an art in and of itself but it certainly includes public displays of appreciation.

Demonstrating that an individuals achievement are valued is crucial to keep motivation high.

X Cloud SMS Alerting

SMS Direct to mobiles

One of the features of The X Cloud Platform is real-time SMS alerting to the entire team upon a sales win.

Simple but highly effective. Every member of the team gets a personal message informing them of the achievement.

Wall Displays

Another great feature of The X Cloud Platform are the highly visible sales dashboards.

Big screens, on the wall, in a prominent location that update the instant a win is logged. Configured to 'ding' and flash with the news they can also play a round of applause. Much like a ringing a bell.

At Christmas some clients even change the audio to be a short Christmas song. The choice is yours and like everything within The X Cloud Platform - completely customisable.

Realtime Ticker Tape

Regardless of a user department every user of The X Cloud Platform will see the ticker tape running constantly along the bottom edge of their screen. All important updates, including wins from the sales department, get fed in to this ticker tape and remind everybody of the forward progress of the business.

All these features combined prove to be a very powerful suite of sales motivation tools.

It takes less than 5 minutes to show you.

Want to know more? Tap or click on the following short presentation demonstrating these features within The X Cloud Platform.

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