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Realtime Inspections

A short introduction to the Realtime Inspections features of The X Cloud Platform

Realtime InspectionsKey Performance Indicators.

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Introducing real-time and contactless inspection capability to your business.

Endless possibilities to replace paper and pen

With practicably endless possibilities to replace paper and pen contactless auditing included with The X Cloud Platform is just as suited to checking meeting room supplies as it is to assessing stock levels.

And, because it’s contactless, it can be used in touch-sensitive locations like operating theatres and cleanrooms.

The X Cloud Platform contactless inspection technology makes the ultimate digital alternative to traditional clipboard-and-pen audits.

Realtime monitoring from anywhere on the planet

Wherever you have an inspection you have a real-time feedback to your office and need-to-know-individuals. Whether they be colleagues or clients. Anybody you specify can be 'subscribed' to an event and be alerted, in real-time, when something happens.

Unlimited audits. Unlimited locations. Unlimited ways to improve.

Keeping standards in check is easy thanks our contactless technology. What do you need to know?

Absolutely anything can be defined down to individual supplies in washrooms and meeting areas to the condition of your reception floor.

The X Cloud Platform makes it possible to track KPIs and keeps you fully in the loop so you can take action and make improvements whenever needed.

  • Define all the questions to which you want answers

  • Authorised operatives tap or scan a location to begin the audit

  • Discreet, virtually indestructible chips make auditing any location a breeze

  • No specialist equipment needed – works with any smartphone

  • Real time notifications of audit results that fall below acceptable standards

Place discreet AuditPoint chips at any location you want to monitor

Tap-and-scan to start the audit and get answers to your specific questions

Track your audit progress with real time notifications direct to any device

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