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Facility Management

A short introduction to the Facility Management features of The X Cloud Platform

Facility Management Realtime, contactless Facility Management (FM)

Manage buildings and locations with a contactless and real-time system.

Tap and scan technology similar to your credit card - only you won't spend as much!

The X Cloud Platform innovated first with NFC based building management and it continues to lead the way.

A simple-to-use contactless solution that works out-of-the-box but can be customised to suit any location based auditing you need to complete.

Excellent for snagging a construction site, setting cleaning routines specific to locations, instructing operatives how to complete a task specific to a location.


Communicate with your operatives in the language they are most comfortable with. The X Cloud Platform supports any language you do and a few more besides.

Contactless and Real-time Building Management

Any number of areas of a location can be 'tagged' with a discreet and near invisible NFC chip. Each chip can perform one or a set of functions depending on your needs.

Operatives interact with a chip by scanning it with a smartphone and The X Cloud Platform then directs the operative to complete whatever task or procedure has been configured to that precise location.

Super Simple

Configurable in unlimited ways The X Cloud Platform gives you the perfect amount of control over the buildings you manage. As little or as much as you need.

More than just a building inspection tool

The X Cloud Platform buildings and locations management features empower you to not only provide up to the minute management of your own or your clients buildings but also track attendances when used with the included reception module.

Create public or private contactless information points that convey knowledge specific to a location. Track assets belonging to you or your clients and provide metrics related to all of the above directly to your client via the real-time client portal also included.

A screenshot of a typical facility management dashboard

It takes less than 5 minutes to show you.

Want to know more? Tap or click on the following short presentation demonstrating these features within The X Cloud Platform.

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