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Contactless Check In

A short introduction to the contactless check-in features of The X Cloud Platform

Contactless Check-In Zero touch.

Contactless Check-in Providing Covid-19 Secure Building Management.

The X Cloud Platform contactless check-in feature enables you to provide a COVID-19 secure reception to staff and visitors while still controlling access to your locations.

Staff and visitors alike can simply check-in to your location using their own smartphone, just by scanning the QR code displayed.

The contactless feature enables real-time tracking of building occupancy and negates the requirement of visitors having to sign-in to a paper register.

The private check-in for visitors also provides a GDPR compliant way to manage your visitors while maintaining location security and health & safety responsibilities.

The X Cloud Platform Contactless check-in is designed to work on any web enabled device so you don't have to spend a fortune leasing or buying expensive single use hardware. Utilise cheap tablets such as the Amazon Fire HD or Samsung Galaxy Tab A.

We can supply tablets pre-configured if you prefer, making The X Cloud Platform Contactless Check-in a one stop solution for a GDPR compliant and COVID-19 secure reception.

When you use a maxxpal supplied check-in terminal it includes a fully featured multi media option, at no extra charge, which when configured can play any important messages you need to convey to all your visitors. A great feature keeping visitors occupied while they wait for an appointment.

You can task your check-in terminal to display a video, or a series of images, you can also configure special overriding alerts to communicate time sensitive information such as an upcoming evacuation drill or other all-hands notices.

Visitor Management with real-time notification

When visitors sign in the person they are visiting is automatically notified that their appointment has arrived. As with all the features of The X Cloud Platform, visitor sign in can be customised to show a different set of options to the default.

It takes less than 5 minutes to show you.

Want to know more? Tap or click on the following short presentation demonstrating these features within The X Cloud Platform.

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