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Assets Management

A short introduction to the Asset Management features of The X Cloud Platform

Assets Management Tracking your assets.

Keeping tabs on your property gets more difficult as you grow.

All businesses have assets and all businesses need to keep track of those assets.

Assets can be fixed like a chair, a table, a PC and a monitor. Assets can be portable, a mobile phone, or tablet, a laptop or even a vehicle. Depending on the size of your business tracking your company assets can become an onerous task.

The X cloud platform provides a robust yet simple mechanism for managing your assets.

Business or location inventory on tap

Known as Asset Point, The X Cloud is a tool designed to track and manage valuables, stock, plant; anything that constitutes an important asset within your own or your clients business.

Simply tap-and-scan an item and its discreetly placed info chip will deliver all you need to know about your inventory, right to your smartphone.

It’s easy to create a digital asset register using AssetPoint

Include anything from scanned warranty documents and guarantees to photographs and videos and your own notes.

Then simply use your smartphone to tap-and-scan any physical item in the register to instantly bring up what you need to know, from installation dates and user details to service histories and safety test due dates.

  • All the information you need delivered to your smartphone in a tap

  • Permission levels allow you to decide who sees what about each asset

  • Discreet info chips can be secured safely to any item in your inventory

  • Log and retrieve any information you choose direct from the asset

  • Fully customisable – let us make it work for YOUR business

Apply discreet chips to any item

Tap-and-scan to discover bespoke programmed asset information

Receive asset information on your smartphone instantly

The digital asset register with a difference.

Ready to take your asset register digital with a system that delivers the information you need through the asset itself? Ask maxxpal about AssetPoint.

AssetPoint is a feature of The X Cloud Platform, a sophisticated set of business tools designed to transform productivity, service, sales, profitability and business growth.

Rich multimedia descriptions

Assets can be categorised, grouped and described using just plain text or a mixture of text, images, video and even sound.

The X Cloud Platform Asset Management feature includes a dashboard which makes recollecting information about an asset simple.  Additionally, an asset can be identified by using an Near Field Communication or NFC chip or a Quick Response or QR code linked to The X Cloud Platform Contactless Technology.

It takes less than 5 minutes to show you.

Want to know more? Tap or click on the following short presentation demonstrating these features within The X Cloud Platform.

The maxxpal X Cloud Platform is readily accessible and customisable for businesses of ALL sizes. To learn more about how it could transform the way YOUR organisation operates, talk to us today

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