Business Intelligence at your Fingertips

Big Data should be accessible to every decision maker.

DataPoint is an advanced technology designed to channel in big data sets from every corner of a business.

No matter what platforms you use to store your data, DataPoint can receive it all, crunch it all and present it in a simple display allowing you to view, drill down, analyse and make business critical decisions with total confidence.

Access your business data, on any device, at any time, from anywhere.

Big Data is a powerful asset. And when it’s all in one place, the power switches to you.

The power to plan. To negotiate. To make huge savings. The power to know precisely where your business stands financially. Right now.

  • Anytime, anywhere access to your business data from any web enabled device

  • Fully compatible with ALL software apps including bespoke and legacy platforms

  • Check your profit margin, ROI, bank balance, financial KPIs & more in REAL TIME

  • Fully customisable and extendable – let us make it work for YOUR business

  • Featuring real time interactive shared editing for unlimited collaborative working

Different departments use different data tools

DataPoint funnels ALL your critical data into one place

Enjoy all the benefits of Business Intelligence at your fingertip

Don’t miss out on the massive opportunities brought to you by Big Data.

Ready to start making use of all the opportunities Big Data has to offer? Ask maxxpal about DataPoint.

DataPoint is a feature of the maxxpal X Cloud Platform, a sophisticated set of business tools designed to transform productivity, service, sales, profitability and business growth.

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