Your Digital Asset Register

Your business inventory, on tap

AssetPoint is a tool designed to track and manage valuables, stock, plant; anything that constitutes an important asset within your business.

Simply tap-and-scan an item and its discreetly placed info chip will deliver all you need to know about your inventory, right to your smartphone.

It’s easy to create a digital asset register using AssetPoint

Include anything from scanned warranty documents and guarantees to photographs and videos and your own notes.

Then simply use your smartphone to tap-andscan any physical item in the register to instantly bring up what you need to know, from installation dates and user details to service histories and safety test due dates.

  • All the information you need delivered to your smartphone in a tap

  • Permission levels allow you to decide who sees what about each asset

  • Discreet info chips can be secured safely to any item in your inventory

  • Log and retrieve any information you choose direct from the asset

  • Fully customisable – let us make it work for YOUR busines

Apply discreet chips to any item

Tap-and-scan to discover bespoke programmed asset information

Receive asset information on your smartphone instantly

The digital asset register with a difference.

Ready to take your asset register digital with a system that delivers the information you need through the asset itself? Ask maxxpal about AssetPoint.

AssetPoint is a feature of the maxxpal X Cloud Platform, a sophisticated set of business tools designed to transform productivity, service, sales, profitability and business growth.

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