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Meet the maxxpal team.

Meet the maxxpal X Cloud Platform team.

Image of Anthony Kirrane

Anthony Kirrane

Managing Director

On a day-to-day basis, Anthony oversees the business in general. He engages with key clients at least daily and spot checks various parts of the service delivery pipeline. Anthony reviews all client related tasks the team is asked to do and keeps abreast of everything that is happening in maxxpal now and planned for the future.

A fun fact about Anthony:  He actually started his working life in the motor trade working for his father's business, Kirrane Motors Ltd. He changed jobs,  got mentored by a man he always refers to as The Honourable Mike Palmer and spent two years soaking up every bit of knowledge Mike offered.

"Mike took me under his wing and went out of his way to teach me non-stop for 2 years, everything he knew about computers, networking and programming. I owe my start in I.T. and a lot more to The Honourable Mike Palmer and I will never forget him."

"There is nowhere else I would rather be or anything else I would rather be doing."

Jennifer Kirrane

Operations Manager

Jenny oversees the production and provision of services at maxxpal. It's her job to ensure the company is running efficiently and that client needs are being met.

Jenny's day-to-day responsibilities include managing quality assurance with a focus on improving productivity and operating efficiency. Additionally, Jenny is responsible for researching, evaluating and buying products for maxxpal's clients.

Outside of her work duties, Jenny is a keen netball player and currently plays wing attack for her local netball team.

A fun fact about Jenny: Whilst working at William Hill at Newmarket racecourse she had the pleasure of meeting 'Del Boy' aka David Jason!

If I wasn't doing this..."I would really like to be a radio presenter as I LOVE music and I LOVE talking."

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