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A short introduction to Spotaboo

Spotaboo What's your opinion

Building the world's largest collection of opinions

Spotaboo is aiming to become the world's largest consensus engine.

Spotaboo - Opinion matters

Imagine a system, available in every language of the world, that can put out a question, to every internet user on the planet, and get a yes/no opinion back. How much quicker might we reach consensus globally on climate change, poverty, food shortages, vaccines.

It's a dream but it's possible. The power of the crowd would be immense and unstoppable and we'd all get the planet we deserve and desire.

That's the Spotaboo mission. It's big one, but we are up to the challenge.

Get Involved

It's easy to get involved, we need help with building the app, maintaining some of the topics, spreading the word. Spotaboo is free but as interest builds day by day and more and more people are taking part the costs are mounting.  It costs a ton of cash to keep running so we could also do with finance if you have any shekels going spare.

We are looking for investors also so if you fancy getting in at the ground level with the biggest thing ever to be done on the Internet. Get in touch.

Mostly though, the easiest thing you can do is visit, register and vote. It's cost zero cents and take only a minute.

Spotaboo is sponsored by www. com ltd. If you want to get involved as a financial backer, please contact us using the details below.

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