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Our Philosophy What drives us to improve The X Cloud Platform every day.

Mission: To give all people, more time, to do less.

What I am attempting to sum up in that statement is my belief that humans should not be tied to a desk completing mundane calculations, summarising, transposing or basically doing anything that a computer could do 10,000 times faster and more accurately.

No matter the role there will undoubtedly be parts of a working day spent adding something up, copying, analysing or just simply creating that a computer program could do a whole lot better.

"I coined the mission statement a few years ago now. I have to admit it does not resonate with everybody but I've yet to hear a good argument that makes me want to change it. Just opinions."

Anthony Kirrane / Managing Director, www .com ltd t/a maxxpal

Furthermore, if the task was handed over to a computer to do then that human could get home earlier, get to the gym earlier, go on a walk earlier or just loaf around earlier. That human would no longer be busy, busy, busy working late and missing out on taking it easy. They would now, with the help of well engineered software have more time to do nothing if they so wished.

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