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GDPR Hidden Opportunities

An essay on the subject of why GDPR now presents opportunities to business to re-imagine the role of data

GDPR Opportunity Beyond the scare

GDPR now presents opportunities to business to re-imagine the role of data

"In the lead up to the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on 25th May 2018, our media feeds seemed to be awash with bad news and negativity. The potential fines for breaching the regulation; the cost of implementing the changes and the complicated rules."

"But that’s all behind us now, and it’s time to start looking at the positives and potential brought in by GDPR. Are there any? Well yes! Let’s take a look at how you can make good of the processes that GDPR has forced you to adopt."

Switch to digital visitor books

GDPR means protecting data, and that means not putting it somewhere everyone can see it. The visitor book, a fire regulation requirement for all business premises, was identified as a data leak source.

Switching to digital sign-in makes the whole process of logging visitors faster and easier, as well as presenting a far more sophisticated welcome. Some digital visitor books offer advanced features too, such as providing directions to meeting rooms, and alerting personnel when their guests have arrived.

Key benefits summary: Great for the up to date profile, majorly helpful to visitors, and brilliant when your reception desk is unmanned for any reason.

Streamline your data records management

We discussed it in our blog on managing GDPR: there are numerous data management parameters you now need to comply with to make sure you don’t veer outside of the GDPR. But you can look at this as a plus point.

If in the past your data management processes weren’t as streamlined as they could be, that probably meant inefficiencies were holding you back. But with data better organised and stored as well as being spot-on accurate and easily searchable and accessible, staff productivity is given a boost, and your reputation for customer service will climb as you demonstrate top level efficiency when reacting to enquiries.

Key benefits summary: Staff productivity boosted, customer service reputation enhanced.

Ramp up your cyber security

The threat of massive fines under GDPR should remind any business owner that there is no margin for error when it comes to implementing robust cyber security measures. But a cyber breach doesn’t just mean fines. It also leads to huge reputational damage and costly downtime caused by the loss or theft of sensitive data.

Think of GDPR as your motivation to keep on top of your security strategy and ensure sufficient technical and administrative processes are adhered to in order to protect the personal data you handle.

Key benefits summary: Reduce the risk of a costly and reputation damaging cyber-attack.

Give your marketing ROI a boost

The opt-in principle of the GDPR is one of the most far reaching changes on the marketing front. With contacting people and processing their data without consent outlawed, a big data clean-up became essential. And that can never be a bad thing.

With only opted-in leads on your marketing database, you are now engaging only with people who genuinely want to hear from you. This has to be music to the ears of the marketer who is now able to work with a clearly defined audience. It means tailored marketing becomes possible, and that is the best chance you’ll ever have of a good return on investment with greater conversion rates.

Key benefits summary: Less time and money spent on irrelevant marketing means a far greater return on investment and hugely improved engagement.

Build customer trust and loyalty

For the consumer, the GDPR brings clarity about how their data is used. People are becoming savvier these days about their rights, and increasingly inquisitive as to how their data is handled.

By demonstrating to customers and prospects that you have streamlined processes in place to safeguard their data, and that you do so in line with the legislation that was designed to protect them, you will encourage trust in your business and brand. In other words, you will show you actually care about customers’ data privacy.

Key benefits summary: Trust and loyalty count for everything in business. Demonstrating streamlined and transparent data management will achieve this.

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The maxxpal X Cloud Platform is a complete set of business management tools that, by design, assist with the management of GDPR compliance. Visitor Point is a digital sign-in system which can be fully customised to individual needs. Features include visitor tap-and-scan, a smart way to relay useful information to the visitor’s phone, directing them to the right meeting room and alerting the person they’re seeing that they’ve arrived.

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