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The X Cloud Platform Story

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The X Cloud Platform Story Doing IT better

Every innovation starts with a problem.

maxxpal creator Anthony Kirrane spent 20 years developing sophisticated software solutions for some of the UK's most renowned blue-chip organisations.

He soon came to realise that the bigger the company, the more fragmented the communication between departments. Anthony was amazed at how much time was being wasted because of departmental fragmentation.

Surely there was a solution that would consolidate everything?

Funnel data from all areas of the business into a solitary place, delivering real-time insights into everything a business needs to make sure it is on track for success.

Great idea. But every business is different, and off-the-shelf software is never going to tick ALL the boxes for All the businesses. So how do you bring such a solution to the masses? This was the challenge that would lead to seven years of strategic development, evolution and testing, all fired by Anthony's natural desire to think up easier ways of doing things.

After all, why should the working day be such a challenge?

In business, miss-communication is risky. It can lead to major profit leaks. Over-ordering. Under-delivering. Un-invoiced jobs. Unpaid debts. Reputation demise.

Information sharing is crucial for an efficient and profitable company. And today's flexible and remote workforce needs a more flexible set of tools. We know that in one company different departments are using a raft of different software. Sage. Outlook. Excel. Access. Bespoke applications. It suits them, but no wonder cross-communication fails, because everyone is speaking different languages.

And what about central critical decisions that will drive the business forward?

Spare a thought for the financial director frittering away the weekend sifting through reams of reports from sales, marketing, accounts, operations... then by the time the reports are presented to the board, the numbers are already out of date.

It's no way to grow a profitable business and it's no way to live your life. Why spend hours manually crunching numbers when someone somewhere has the solution for you to do it automatically?

In the past, doing things your way involved a whole heap of investment.

Bespoke software has only ever been accessible to the big players. But things have changed.

And it's all thanks to the maxxpal X Cloud Platform: designed to be customised and extended to meet specific requirements and resolve individual business challenges. Even better, the maxxpal X Cloud Platform delivers enterprise grade business management and intelligence tools to EVERYONE. Why? Because it's built on a Platform as as Service (PaaS) basis. So now even the smaller operations can compete with improved productivity, profit monitoring, opportunities tracking and, crucially, real-time financial management.

Thanks to Anthony Kirrane's ongoing hands-on management, the maxxpal set of business management and productivity tools is constantly evolving. Delivering more. Heading off an even greater raft of newly identified challenges in response to feedback from fans and clients.

With the maxxpal X Cloud Platform, processes become cohesive. Costly mistakes are a thing of the past. Vital management information is available within seconds displayed on simple-view business intelligence dashboards. Reports of ANY nature can be generated in a single command.

The maxxpal X Cloud Platform is readily accessible and customisable for businesses of ALL sizes. To learn more about how it could transform the way YOUR organisation operates, talk to us today

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