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Property Support Services Ltd

A case study on the X Cloud Platform client, Property Support Services based in Ongar, Essex.

Property Support Services (UK) Ltd A case study

Property Support Services (PSS) is an ISO accredited commercial cleaning services contractor and corporate member of the British Institute of Cleaning Science. The company serves 400 customers with cleaning services and employs 800 staff in the field.

A maxxpal IT support client for close to a decade, PSS approached us for a solution to a challenge: they needed to prove to their customers that the cleaning operatives they were paying for were actually in attendance when they said they were.

Documentary evidence: And lots more benefits besides.

Because the maxxpal X Cloud Platform has been designed to be fully extendable, and with our in-depth knowledge of location based applications and near field communication (NFC – the technology that’s used in contactless transactions), we were in a position to customise The Platform to provide electronic location tracking functionality for PSS.

Now the operatives out in the field simply check-in with their phones or tablets by scanning a cleverly concealed chip when they arrive at the site, and then check-out on completion. This provides the documented evidence of attendance that the customers of PSS were demanding. In addition to this, Location Tracker has delivered a range of additional benefits.

Now everything is streamlined. Knowing where an operative is at any given time and when they are scheduled to complete the job in hand means other assignments can be allocated to the right people in the right locations.

Previously there was a lot of guesswork involved, sometimes leading to new jobs being assigned to operatives who were miles away from the target site. Now however, there is a significant reduction in travelling time thanks to operative/site matching, meaning more time for working and less time spent getting there. And of course meaning PSS can respond to urgent customer needs in a much shorter timeframe.

Personalisation. a trip overseas.

For one PSS customer, a world-leading retail group, there were specific requirements. So we travelled with PSS to meet them in America to better understand their needs.

It went down well, with the group’s London flagship store now a user of The Platform and others across Europe under trial.

A large Essex based shopping centre, another customer of PSS, is amongst other locations the maxxpal X Cloud Platform Location Tracker is in use.

Building foundations. Because a business needs a strong base.

Michael Rust is the managing director of PSS. He knew that as the company was growing, so the foundation it was based upon would need to be strengthened.

We made sure that the transition into the new check-in/check-out system for operatives and operations managers alike was a smooth one. We continue to work closely with PSS with regular meetings geared towards discovering any needs for further innovation and ensure any requests for tweaks are actioned in the shortest timeframe possible.

Some quotes from this client...

"Now we can assign work instantly to the nearest operative. Not only does that benefit us from an operations point of view, it means we can offer our customers hugely improved response times."

Michael Rust / Managing Director, Property Support Services

"We are now so much more efficient and the financial savings have been considerable."

Michael Rust / Managing Director, Property Support Services

"With maxxpal, they don’t just sell you something then walk away. I love the fact they’re there all the time supporting us. There are lots of IT people out there; I’ve used some of them. But none of them were anywhere near as good as maxxpal."

Michael Rust / Managing Director, Property Support Services

"Our turnover has increased by 20%. That only happens when you have these kinds of systems in place. It’s the foundation you need to move forward safely so there are no wobbles later down the line."

Michael Rust / Managing Director, Property Support Services

"For one thing, location tracking has considerably improved efficiency."

Michael Rust / Managing Director, Property Support Services

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