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CLD Services Ltd

A case study of CLD Services Ltd, Waltham Abbey, Essex.

CLD Services Ltd A case study

Location Tracker + Onsite Realtime Auditing.

For a contract business with multiple customers demanding evidence that teams are onsite when they are supposed to be AND that KPIs are being met, it has to be time to tap into what today’s technology has to offer.

This is just what cleaning and maintenance contractors CLD Services Limited decided to do.

With a monthly paper-based onsite auditing system that was slow and inefficient, and no tangible evidence to prove their operatives were spending the time they claimed onsite, it is safe to say they were facing quite a challenge.

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Peter Shellard is the financial director of CLD Services Limited, an ISO 9001 accredited business employing 600 staff.

With almost 200 sites to service throughout London and the south east, CLD Services was in need of a streamlined solution that would help to speed up and fool-proof the site auditing procedure, whilst at the same time providing the vital evidence needed to prove operative attendance.

Normal procedure for CLD Services would be a monthly onsite manager’s visit to a customer’s premises. They’d walk the building with the facilities manager, taking down hand-written notes.

The paperwork would remain with the manager until all the monthly site inspections were completed, at which point all the reports were handed over for typing up ahead of presenting to the individual customers. From the point of conducting the inspection to the customer receiving the report, the timescale ran to two weeks.

The good news – both for CLD and their customers – is that this whole process is now subject to a same-day turnaround. And there is a fully traceable audit trail logging the passage of CLD’s operatives in and out of customers’ premises.

Location tracking: Check-in. Check-out.

The maxxpal X Cloud Platform is a cloud based suite of business productivity tools. The real beauty of The Platform is that it is fully flexible and customisable.

This means that within reason, virtually any business challenge can be resolved.

For CLD, we developed location tracking functionality into The Platform.

Now, using NFC technology, the same chip-scanning system used for contactless payments, CLD’s operatives work on a check-in and check-out basis at every site they visit. Scanning in and out using their smartphones means there is documented evidence of their attendance, and there are numerous benefits to this.

From a health and safety point of view, lone workers can be tracked to ensure they safely check-out at the end of their shift. And from a customer service standpoint, there can never be any question as to attendance.

Same day audits: More speed, less paper.

Monthly onsite audits are now completely transformed too. The manager scans in at the customer’s premises using a smartphone or tablet. Immediately there they have all the unique details of that location on their device, together with the details that must be covered for that particular audit.

Instead of taking notes, the manager taps the answer to a KPI question based on a traffic light scoring system. At the end of the audit, a report is auto-generated showing an overall score as a percentage.

The manager then hands the phone or tablet to the customer for them to sign their acceptance of the report on-screen. Once that’s done, the audit becomes a CLD-branded PDF which is emailed instantly to the customer.

No admin input. No paper. No waiting. In fact, CLD’s customers now in most cases receive their audit reports before the manager has even left the building.

Customisable audit templates: Because no two buildings are alike.

The Platform’s onsite audit templates are fully customisable by CLD’s managers. Starting with a generic list, they get to remove anything non-relevant, and add things that are unique to the particular customer’s premises, whether that’s a service KPI or an area of the building. It makes the entire process fool-proof and completely tailored.

Nothing can be missed and the template is designed to guide the manager around the building efficiently.

Invisible chips: Because buildings need to stay beautiful.

Quite simply, it’s just not aesthetically pleasing to have scanning points on show in a building. So maxxpal custom developed a virtually invisible chip that can be scanned through things like pictures on the wall. Our customer is happy, and so are theirs.

Time saved. Resources liberated. Reputation enhanced: All good news.

For CLD, the day to day business of dealing with customer queries has been dramatically reduced. Now all a customer needs to do if they want to check KPIs and track operative attendance is login to The Platform and there they have all the information they need at their fingertips, any time, wherever they are.

Some quotes from this client...

"We’ve freed up so much time from dealing with customer queries … AND we’ve saved REAMS of paper."

Peter Shellard / Financial Director, CLD Services Ltd

"maxxpal always responds quickly and they are constantly open to - and able to - act on any suggestions for new features to help boost our efficiency further."

Peter Shellard / Financial Director, CLD Services Ltd

"We’ve noticed a great deal of time saved handling customer queries because they can see in an instant that their KPIs are on track. Customers are also impressed at the speed of turnaround of our audit reports."

Peter Shellard / Financial Director, CLD Services Ltd

"We have to use a lot of tools specified by our clients but The X Cloud Platform is light years ahead of anything else we have seen. I would not hesitate to recommend Anthony Kirrane and maxxpal to anybody looking for a personal service and a great piece of technology for thier business."

Peter Shellard / Financial Director, CLD Services Ltd

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