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A short introduction to BAN.GL No batteries required

A virtually indestructible on wrist information storage and retrieval device, another innovation from www .com ltd. gives the wearer a virtually indestructible device capable of holding any amount of information about anything at anytime and it does not require batteries.

A virtually unlimited number of uses; the wearer might keep scans of important travel documents while abroad. The wearer might choose to keep contact information to be used in an emergency. Or perhaps the wearer might simply keep a digital business card that can be exchange with a colleague with a tap of their smartphone. can reveal the information stored within by a simple tap from any modern smartphone.

Waterproof, dustproof, requires no batteries, never runs out, lightweight, attractive.

Available in a range of colours and only £29 to purchase with the first year included and then only £19 per year thereafter. is available as a stand alone device that does not require The X Cloud Platform but can be integrated with the X Cloud Platform to provide services relevant to operatives.

The uses are limitless.

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